House And Apartment Relocation – Edmonton and Area

Affordable rates starting @ $115/hr tax included for household moving services.

Having been in the moving industry for many years, Safe Ride Moving Inc have made a name for our company as one of the most sought after moving companies in Edmonton.

Ever wondered how long your move might take or cost? I have a good feeling you might be wondering about that, and that’s where SafeRide Moving steps in for you.

Apartment and Condo Moves:

Our apartment and condo clients love SafeRide Moving for our transparency.

For a typical 1 bedroom apartment move, you will be looking at anywhere from 3 to 4-1/2 hours. Of course the access to your apartment/condo home plays a big factor in this.

2 bedroom apartment/condo range between 4 to 6 hours while 3 bedroom should allow between 5 to 7 hours. We recommend 2 men crew and our 3 ton trucks for this type of move, unless you have more than the average.

Whole House and Large Town-home Moves:

As for our home owner clients whose home is from 3+ rooms including garage and basement, we typically recommend our 28 ft, 7 ton trucks, with a crew of 3 professional SafeRide movers.

Edmonton Moving Prices:

Since 2014 our prices are firmly locked in and there are NO hidden charges or surprises. We have a ZERO minimum charge and only charge half hour travel within the city and surrounding communities.

– Our 2 men crew plus 3 ton truck goes for $115/hr with GST included.

– 3 men crew with 5 ton and above goes to $145/hr with GST included.

We cover Edmonton and surrounding area, as well as all over Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan

Book the best and have a Safe Ride!!